”Le dottoresse si sono spaventate, noi siamo sbiancati”: Muller e Peparini raccontano in tv la scoperta della malattia delle loro gemelle – Gossip.it

Andreas Muller and Veronica Paparini, a well-known couple in the entertainment industry, recently appeared on the popular TV show “Verissimo” to share updates on their pregnancy. The couple, who announced Veronica’s pregnancy a month ago, revealed a shocking discovery about their twin daughters. They expressed their concerns and fears regarding the health of their unborn babies.

During the interview, Andreas, a 27-year-old dancer, disclosed that the doctors were alarmed by the condition of their twins. He said, “The doctors were scared, and we were terrified.” The couple’s pregnancy is considered “monochorionic diamniotic,” meaning that the twins share one placenta but have separate amniotic sacs. This arrangement can pose certain risks, especially when the blood vessels are shared between the two babies.

Andreas explained that one of their unborn daughters is acting as a blood donor for the other. This condition, known as twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, occurs when one twin receives too much blood while the other receives too little. The couple was not aware of this condition until the doctors raised concerns during their routine check-up. They now go for check-ups every 48 hours to closely monitor the situation.

Fortunately, the couple received positive news during their latest visit to the doctor. Veronica, who is 52 years old and currently in her sixth month of pregnancy, stated that the situation has improved, but they are not out of danger yet. She emphasized the importance of remaining under the strict supervision of medical professionals.

Veronica shared her personal experience, saying, “I feel better now. We went through a challenging period, but things are getting better. We got scared after appearing on Verissimo. A week later, we received another shock. However, things are really improving now.” She expressed relief and a sense of relaxation compared to the initial days of the pregnancy.

She further explained the complexities of a twin pregnancy, especially in her case. Veronica revealed that her condition is referred to as “feto-fetal disease,” where one twin’s sac appears to be shrinking, causing potential complications. Although the exact cause of the disease is unknown, medical interventions are available. Veronica acknowledged that they were fortunate to catch the condition early on, as intervention becomes more difficult during the acute phase.

Andreas added, “We went for a check-up after appearing on Verissimo, and the doctors were alarmed. We were scared. We were not experts in this field. This feto-fetal disease was happening, and it caught us off guard. From that moment, Veronica started resting more. It’s impossible to stop her completely because she is an artist and a woman always on the go, but she is taking it easy. The babies are not out of danger yet, but they will be when they are born. I was really worried after the visit.”

Throughout the interview, both Andreas and Veronica displayed a mix of emotions. They smiled, but tears welled up in their eyes as they read messages of support from concerned parents. The couple, who has been together since 2017, is eagerly anticipating the arrival of their twin daughters. Veronica already has two children, Olivia and Daniele, from her previous marriage to dancer Fabrizio Prolli.

As the interview concluded, the couple expressed gratitude for the support and love they have received. They emphasized the importance of staying positive and hopeful during these challenging times. The couple’s story serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the strength of love and support in overcoming adversity.

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